EPC and Project Management Services

Concept to commissioning – All under one roof.

  • Opportunity identification and feasibility advice
  • Key in hand construction (EPC)
  • Managing Local clearances for EPC clients
  • Operations & Maintenance


1) Engineering

SunTap TIF studies every aspect of your project to ensure an optimum design and offer the best solution to reduce the cost and maximize efficiency, for all phases of the project.


2) Procurement

SunTap TIF has developed and cultivated a broad base of vendor relationships in India and abroad to ensure the availability of quality equipment from reputable manufacturers and supplier at a competitive price.


3) Construction

Our team has a great experience in the construction of all the different phases of the project, from civil works, structural works and low voltage wiring to substations and high voltage power lines.


4) Operation and Maintenance

SunTap TIF offers comprehensive O&M services which range from plant maintenance to remote monitoring. The approach of maintaining is always focused on the optimization of the production, through the regular analysis of all elements of the network, and measurements of voltages and intensity in all of them.